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Automotive Locksmith Services

Automotive Locksmith Services

24/7 Automotive locksmith services in Allentown PA and the surrounding area is a top notch locksmith services when you call Allentown Local Locksmiths. In like manner, when you call a locksmith for car, you may need the best locksmith company in Allentown.

We are a leading locksmith company in Allentown, as well as in the Lehigh Valley, PA. With this in mind, we offer a full suit of locksmith services for cars, trucks, and automobiles, in general. That is to say, no matter what is the automotive locksmith service you need, we can help.

Whether you need to unlock your car door or to make a new key to your car, we are here 24hr, 7 days a week. In addition, we offer competitive prices and affordable locksmith services. Don't hesitate to call us for estimate before you hire another locksmith in the area.

A brief example of our auto locksmith services

  • Car Lockout
  • Truck Lockout
  • Mobile Home Lockout
  • Car Key Made
  • Laser Cut Keys (high security keys)
  • Transponder Key Replacement
  • Car Key Programming
  • Broken Car Key Extraction
  • Automotive Key Fob Replacement
  • Ignition Lock Repair or Replace

Automotive Lockout Services

Most of the time, when you lock yourself out of your car, you want fast car lockout service. When it comes to unlock your car door, we are the fastest locksmith company in the region of the Lehigh Valley PA to call. This is because we aim for customer satisfaction and to provide fast lockout services.

It needless to say t he inconvenience of being locked out of your car always happen at the worst possible times. You can get locked out of your car late at night, early morning before work, or even during shopping. In addition, you can lock yourself out in the weekend when not many locksmiths around. No matter when it happens, you can rely on us also when you stuck for minutes or even hours trying to figure out a solution.

It also doesn't matter where are you located in the Lehigh Vally, we cover the entire area of the Lehigh Valley and we arrive within twenty minutes of your call.

We offer the following automotive lockout services

  • Auto Lockout
  • SUV Lockout
  • Pickup Truck Lockout
  • Semi-Truck Lockout (Tractor)
  • Unlock Kingpin Lock
  • RV / Camper Lockout
  • Unlock Tow Hitch Lock
  • Club Lock Remove
  • Bicycle Lock Opening

Car Key Replacement Service

A broken car key or lost car key can impact your day, not to mention the entire week. For this reason, you may want fast automotive key replacement service, as soon as possible.

Because our locksmiths travel with all of the equipment everywhere, we are ready for any kind of lost car key service, this includes programming a transponder car key. Our auto locksmith technicians can make a key from scratch also if you lost all your car keys. We can simply sending out your VIN number in order to retrieve the key code of your car. By using advanced technology machines, we are able also to cut laser cut keys, as well as programming key fobs for keyless entry or push-to-start ignition that fits especially to your vehicle..

With a wide inventory of keys, key fobs, and ignition locks, we can happily assist you whenever you need our service. You can rely on our car key service as you can rely on the quality of our products and labor. this is the reason why we support our products and labor with a 90 days guarantee.

From a simple car key duplication to transponder laser cut key or car key remote, we can do all work in your area. Car key replacement service near you is on the way for help.

Key Fob Replacement Service

As for today, with advanced automotive security, many cars need a keyless entry remote or a key fob to be programmed. The difference between keyless entry remote to auto key fob is a keyless entry is only lock and unlock the doors, while a smart key fob is made to start the engine of your car.

Key-less ignition first introduced the the public on luxury cars in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Since then, many other car producers such as Acura, Honda, Lexus, and many others moved to push-to-start ignition locks.

Today, many other car factories such as Chrysler, GM, and Toyota are producing key-less ignition locks. For this reason, we offer auto key fob replacement service. We are your mobile locksmiths in Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton, as well in the entire Lehigh Valley PA. Our mobile locksmith posses a large inventory of car key fobs so whenever you stuck on the road because you lost your key fob, we can come fast and program a new key fob to your vehicle.

We offer the following car key services


  • Metal Car Key Replacement
  • Transponder Car Key Made
  • Laser Cut Key Replacement
  • Keyless Entry Remote
  • Auto Key Fob Replacement
  • Car Key Programming
  • Duplicate Car Keys
  • Car Key Cut By Vin
  • Broken Car Key Extraction

Broken Car Key Extraction

an automotive broken key can be a disaster when it happens while you'tre on the road. Think for a moment how frustrated you can get when it happens while you hang out with your friends or while you're in a trip with your family. You car key can break when you at lease expected. In most cases, it's enough a tiny unseen crack on the key shank in order to snap and break inside your car lock.

It is not an uncommon occurrence for people to break their keys. It happens to the best of us! Broken car key extraction service seems to be a time consuming to people who are unfamiliar with this type of work. We, however, offer hassle-free key removal service

Please remember, sometimes, extracting a broken car key can take a longer time. Car keys either sometimes break off inside the ignition or your vehicle door locks. In either case, we may be able to help you. Call us today and we would be there within 20 minutes of your call. This is not a fiction, but a fact!

Automotive Ignition Lock Repair / Replace

Your ignition switch ids the part that starting your car. A worn ignition switch can jam and eventually stop working, especially if you car key is also worn. In many cases, there is no way or early signs to see if your ignition lock is going bad. On other occasions, you may feel that the ignition cylinder is not working fine as it was, previously.

When the ignition of your car doesn't turn, don't try to force it to turn, otherwise, you can break your key inside and you can simply make it bigger problem. Instead, call us to evaluate the condition of your ignition because in many cases we're able to repair the ignition.

On this way, you can be ending with a minor ignition issue and not a big and costly problem. Call us whenever you feel a problem with your ignition lock and as sooner is better. Don't wait to get stuck on the road, not wait to get a big problem with your lock, simply call us and we will get you bck on the road in no time.

Automotive Locksmith Specialists

We have years of experience regarding automotive lock and keys. Our talented locksmiths for cars can easily help you whether you need to unlock your car, make a new key or repair your ignition lock. Please call us for estimate when you need an emergency car locksmith to come to your aid. We re mobile, and we work in our mobile locksmith shop, so don't hesitate to call now. When you need a professional automotive locksmith, you need to call the best locksmith in Allentown.

Affordable Automotive Locksmith

We know that a car key replacement service, especially a key fob replacement can be very costly. Yet, we guarantee to keep low prices as we caqn. Before you call another locksmith company who will dispatch a subcontractor on your way while you take the risk to get ripped off, please call us for estimate. We never change our estimate, nor quoting you a "starting price". With us, you pay what you've been quoted. When you call us, you save, time, money, and frustration.

24HR Auto Locksmith Services

For emergency car locksmith service, we offer 24 hours emergency locksmith service. When you need an emergency auto locksmith, you may need him during a day or late at night. In addition, you many need an emergency automotive locksmith when you at least expect simply because your key can break in the ignition or you can lose your key during a soccer game. Call us when you need 24-hour automotive locksmith and we will be with you as short as 20 minutes.