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Residential Locksmith Services

Residential Locksmith Services

Many residents across the Lehigh Valley choose Allentown Local Locksmiths as their number one security provider for their homes, apartments, townhouses, and condos. Our residential locksmiths take a great pride in our business. Our goal is to leave a satisfied customer and continue to provide the same day service, quality products, and especially free professional phone consulting.

We know you want to keep your house and your family secured and safe. Actually, keeping your family safe is your top priority. That's why dealing with a professional and local locksmith company is very important in order of creating a home that is well protected. Dealing with our security experts is a major part of giving you peace of mind.

With over 10 years experience, we take residential locksmith service to new heights. We focus and design a unique and thorough solution to your residential locksmith needs. Our mobile residential locksmith will meet you at your home, evaluate your current level of security and your needs, offer various residential security options and implement your requests as you wish.

There are many advanced locks today in the residential security field. We have the experience of installing and services many brands of residential security locks, such as Schlage, Kwikset, Baldwin, and Defiant to name a few.

Work with us to design a security layer that is ideal for your home and your family's needs, including deadbolts, lever locks, doorknobs, or keypad locks. We also offer wide services such as re-key, repair or replace, as well as addind deadbolt on door or installing electronic lock.

A brief example of our residential locksmith services

  • House Lockout
  • Apartment Lockout
  • Mobile Home Lockout
  • Bedroom Lockout
  • Safe Lockout
  • Key combination change
  • All Locks Keyed Alike
  • Broken House Key Extraction
  • Repair House Lock
  • House Lock Change
  • Electronic Lock Installation
  • Patio Door Lock Services

House Lockout Services

Are you ever been locked out of your home? We can tell you, getting locked out of your home is never fun! There are many causes for been locked out and needing to call our emergency residential locksmiths. Some of the most common reasons include locking keys in your home, losing your apartment key, or your house keys broke inside the lock of your front door.

No matter what is the reason you got locked out of your home, our emergency residential locksmiths are here to assist you and get you back inside your home or apartment, as well to your bedroom, at any time. In your time of need, our mobile residential locksmiths can arrive at your location within half an hour to assist you with your residential lockout needs .

If you are locked out of your home, the most important thing you can do is not to get panicked, Because our emergency locksmiths available 24/7, you shouldn't be worried, we are here to help you out. In the entire U.S, there are approximately 250,000 lockout incidents every year. This means there are countless numbers of homeowners suffer a home lockout or a house lockout. Few of them twice at the same day. In short, there is no need for you to worry.

If you need help getting back into your home because you stuck lout in the cold, make the call to your trustworthy locksmiths here at Allentown Local Locksmith.

We offer the following residential lockout services

  • Residential Lockout Services
  • Home Lockout
  • House Lockout
  • Apartment Lockout
  • Mobile Home Lockout
  • Bedroom Lockout
  • Basement Door Unlock
  • Closet Door Unlock
  • Bathroom Door Lockout

Re-key Your Home - Full Service

Usually re-keying a lock is cheaper than replacing your lock. This is because we use the same locks on your doors, but only changing the combination of the key and inside the cylinder. When we done re-keying your locks, a new key will apply in order to operate the locks. This means, the old key will no longer work on your locks.

While we re-keying your locks, we can also fit the same key to all of your lock. Think how comfortable it is to use one single key with all of your locks. Lock re-key services is the way to go when your existing locks on your door are in good condition.

Residential locks re-key in a house, apartment, townhouse, or a condo is one of our many residential lock & key services.


We re-key the following residential locks, and more.


  • Residential Lock Re-key
  • Shlage Lock Re-key
  • Kwikset Lock Re-key
  • U.S Lock Re-key
  • Baldwin Lock Re-key
  • Defiant Lock Re-key
  • Yale Lock Re-key
  • Andersen Lock Re-key
  • Guesthouse Lock Re-key
  • Electronic Lock Re-key

Residential Lock Replacement Service

In time, your old locks start to get worn out of ware and tare and you feel your locks are hard to operate. It simply hard to lock and unlock your door. An old and malfunctional lock doesn't protect you, let along a malfunctional lock can get you locked out of your home. So why let your bad luck to kick in? When you have a broken or damaged lock, simply call us to repair or replace your lock. Remember, under certain circumstances, locks must be replaced, no matter residential or commercial lock.

Sometimes, locks past the point where a rekey or a repair service can improve their function. With this in mind, maybe, it's a good time also to think to upgrade the security grade of your locks. We stock a variety of locks and locking mechanism in our working van. For this reason, we are able to solve many problems with your house locks with no hesitation.

Some people may want to replace their locks either for purely aesthetic reasons or because their lock is broken or hard to operate. Calling our professional locksmiths may be the best way to determine what is the best lock to install on your door according to your requirements. Should you need or choose to replace your locks? We will have access to higher quality of hardware than what is commonly found at a local hardware stores.

We replace the following residential locks, and more.


  • Residential Lock Change
  • Shlage Lock Replacement
  • Kwikset Lock Replacement
  • U.S Lock Replacement
  • Baldwin Lock Replacement
  • Defiant Lock Replacement
  • Yale Lock Replacement
  • Andersen Lock Replacement
  • Guesthouse Lock Replacement
  • Electronic Lock Installation

Residential Lock Repair Service

Locks do wear! This is the reason why locks break, jammed, or simply doesn't function properly. No matter what brand name manufacturer lock do you have on your door, after sometime, eventually it will break. Whether you have a Shlage lock or a Kwikset lock on your door, we can help repairing your lock.

We carry many lock parts of almost all the biggest security facturers in the U.S. Under those circumstances, we're able to replace a broken part for your lock in order to bring it into a full operation, once again.

Residnetial lock repair is one of our main expertise when it come to house lock problems. There is almost no lock and no issue that we can't solve whether you have a problem with a doorknob, a deadbolt, or a lever lock. It also no matter what brand name is your lock, we cover all residential locks and door hardware.

We repair the following residential locks, and more.


  • Residential Lock Repair
  • Repair Shlage Lock
  • Kwikset Lock Repair
  • U.S Lock Repair
  • Baldwin Lock Repair
  • Defiant Lock Repair
  • Yale Lock Repair
  • Andersen Lock Repair
  • Guesthouse Lock Repair
  • Electronic Lock Repair

Broken House Key Extraction

You probably know the moment when you leave your home early in the morning in order to arrive to your office early in the morning. In this very moment when you get out in a harry and you want to lock your home, the key has snapped inside the cylinder and breal off. What a way to start your day?

A broken key to your home is not a pleasant moment, yet, don't let it ruin your day. Yes, we know you didn't expect it to happen, and we know your want to go to your job. Instead getting frustrated, call our residential emergency locksmiths to help.

If this is the case right now, don't hesitate to call our emergency residential locksmith so we can pull the broken key out of thew cylinder and make a new key to your home.

Locksmith Expert For Your Home

We will send a mobile residential locksmith specialist to your home in order to consult you with a unique solution to your home security. Call us for all your residential locksmith needs. From a quick lock repair servcices or door unlocking service to adding deadbolt on your door, we're happy to help. When you need a residential locksmith expertb for your home, don't hesitate to call your Allentown Local Locksmith for any lock or key service at your home. We are here twenty-four hour, seven days a week.

Affordable Residential Locksmith

We offer affordable residential locksmith services in Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton, as well as the entire Lehigh Valley, PA. When we say affordable, we mean it! It doesn't matter if you need to unlock the front door of your home or a new lock installation, we're here to help in a fair price. Don't fall into a residential locksmith scam, simply call us for a reliable and affordable locksmith service for your home. For instance; we offer residential lock re-key service as low as $25, per lock, depend on your location and type of lock.

Residential Lock&Key Services

Because we provide 24hr residential locksmith services for residents across the Lehigh Valley, we can take care of all your lock&key problems. When you need to call a "key guy" for your home, we are here to assist you at anytime. We take care of any residential lock&key requirements, whether for your house, apartment or a mobile home. Lock repair and resplace, lock re-key or key extraction, keypad lock instakllation or peephole installation, we are happy to help. Tell us what you need, we tell you everything else.