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Residential Lockout Services

Residential Locksmith Services

24/7 fast residential lockout services are available whether you call us during a day or during the night. Our locksmiths are working 24/7 to ensure your comfort and the safety of you and your love ones. With this in mind, there is no such residential door we cannot open. That is to say, whether you need to unlock the front door of your house, unlock a bedroom door, or unlock a garage door, we can help.

In light of efficiency, we will arrive at your location within twenty minutes of your call. No matter where are you located in the Lehigh Valley, we can arrive fast. As we are mobile locksmiths, we drive a fully equipped working van with all the tools we need to unlock your door.

* Are you locked out of your apartment in Allentown, PA? ~ No Problem!~

* Have you forgot your keys inside your house in Bethlehem, PA? ~No Problem!~

* Have you lost the keys to your house in Easton, PA, so you're locked out now? ~No Problem!~

You can simply dial our phone number and we will be on the way for help!

A brief example of our residential lockout services

  • Home Lockout
  • Apartment Lockout
  • Mobile Home Lockout
  • Bedroom Lockout
  • Garage Lockout
  • Safe Lockout
  • Shed Lockout
  • Basement Lockout
  • Attic Lockout
  • Bathroom Lockout
  • Closet Lockout

Home Lockout

If you're locked out of your house right now, don't waste your time, simply call us for fast residential lockout specialists. We can unlock your front door or pick a lock on your back door, it doesn't matter, we would find the way to get you in your house.

Don't be standing in the cold or in the middle of the night looking for solutions to get in your home. We also recommend you not to break a window because you can get injured, not to mention it will cost you much more money to repair a window than picking a lock. If nobody of your friends or family can come with a spare key, we are ready to come for the rescue.

We serve Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and the entire Lehigh Valley, PA. So, no matter where you need our home lockout specialist, we will be there with you, right away.


We can unlock the following residential locks and more.


  • Schlage Lock Unlock
  • Kwikset Lock Unlock
  • Defiant Lock Unlock
  • Baldwin Lock Unlock
  • Brinks Lock Unlock
  • Gethouse Lock Unlock


Apartment Lockout

Usually, when we get a call to unlock an apartment door, we also need to unlock the front door of the building. With this in mind, we know it can take a little longer to get you back in your apartment, but don't be worrying, As we said above, there is no residential door we can't unlock.

Apartment lockout is a little bit more difficult than house lockout. This is because most of the time there is only one door for the apartment. In addition, many times there are commercial locks on apartment doors. Yet, this shouldn't be a problem for our emergency residential locksmiths and lockout experts.


We can unlock the following residential locks, and more.


  • Doorknob Unlock
  • Deadbolt Unlock
  • Entry Lever Unlock
  • Mortise Lock Unlock
  • Rim Lock Unlock
  • Electronic Lock Unlock

Bedroom Lockout

Sometimes, we get a call to unlock a bedroom door. Many people are using one bedroom in the house as storage or in order to be able to lock valuable assets or even medicine. In any case, you lock yourself out of a bedroom in your home, please call us for help.

No matter which bedroom door you need to unlock, whether a master bedroom door or the door of your kids' bedroom. Unlocking a bedroom door is exactly as unlocking the front door of your house. Call us to unlock your bedroom door damage-free and hassle-free.

Garage Lockout

Sometimes, when a customer goes out to pick up his mail from the mailbox, he gets locked out when he gets out of his house through his garage. A garage lockout can happen especially if you have Schlage doorknob on your door. The problem with Schlage doorknob is also when it is on lock position, you still able to open the door from inside.

Another situation of garage lockout can occur when you lose the keys to your above-the-head garage door. The big main garage door that leads outside of the garage. If you need a lockout specialist to unlock your garage, you arrive at the right place. Call us now and we will be there within twenty minutes.

Fast Residential Lockout Services

When you call us for a residential lockout service, we commit to speed. We know you stuck outside of your home, perhaps waiting in the cold or in a dark night. This is the reason why we commit to helping you fast and our residential locksmiths in Allentown are ready for your call at any time.

Your location is not an issue for us. As we cover the entire Lehigh Valley, we can be anywhere you need us. From Wind Gap to Kutztown, there is no town we fail to cover. Call us when you're locked out of your house or apartment. Don't hesitate to call us also if you need to unlock room door, garage door, or a shed door, we're ready for your call.

Lockout Specialist For Your Home

You may know that many locksmiths will drill your door lock to open your home in order to charge you extra money. This is not the case with our locksmiths. Our locksmiths are high skilled lockout specialists. Unlike other locksmiths, we use different methods of lock picking, so you can rest assured we will pick your lock and open your door too. No matter if you live in a big house, apartment, or mobile home. It also doesn't matter where are you located because we are mobile and we cover the entire Lehigh Valley, PA.

Fast Emergency Lockout Service

We know that when you lock yourself out of your home, you fast residential lockout service. With attention to speed, we promise to be with you within twenty minutes of your call. With this in mind, we give first priority to lockout services, so you won't wait long for a locksmith to arrive. Fast emergency residential lockout service is guaranteed by us. You can rely on our 24/7 emergency locksmiths in Allentown to arrive fast and provide you with the emergency lockout service that you need. Save your money and your time, call us now!

We Can Unlock Any Door In Your Home

It literally the way we wrote it, we can unlock any door in your home! Don't hesitate to call us in time of needs because you can have peace of mind that we would open your door. Whether you need to unlock the master bedroom door, garage door or closet door in your house, we can open it in a fairly time frame. In addition, Unlocking your front door or the back door of your house shouldn't be a problem because we carry to most advanced lockout kits in the market today. We are here, ready for your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.