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Residential Lock Change

Residential Locksmith Services

We provide residential lock change in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and the surrounding areas. With this in mind, we offer residential lock replacement for a house, apartment, bedroom, garage, bathroom, and more.

Please pay attention to your locks, how do they look like? Are they rusty? Do your locks work properly? Unfortunately, locks, keys, and security hardware can also break out of wear and tear. Look at your key, is it looks worn or bent a little bit?

The lock we have on the door of our home also needs to get lubrication and maintenance once in a while. Especially here in Allentown PA, and especially when we have very cold days in the winter as well as very warm and humid days in the summer. This is the reason why we should pay more attention to our locks in order to keep our family safe.

When you decide to replace your lock, we recommend going with a local professional locksmith in Allentown. For instance; when you hire us, we give you three months guarantee for all the security hardware we install, as well as our labor. When you hire us, you have peace of mind that everything will go smoothly for a long time.

We carry all types of residential locks and we cover all residential locks, whether you need to repair, re-key, or replace your lock. So, you can rest assured your house will be secured after we are done working on your residential locks. If you need an emergency lock replacement service, we are the locksmith company to call.

A brief example of our residential lock change service

  • Doorknob Replacement - Kwikset, Schlage, Defiant, Gatehouse, Baldwin, LSDA, Yale, Maxtech, DeGuard, Kenaurd, and more

  • Deadbolt Replacement - Kwikset, Schlage, Defiant, Gatehouse, Baldwin, LSDA, Yale, Maxtech, DeGuard, Kenaurd, and more

  • Entry Lever Lock Replacements - Kwikset, Schlage, Defiant, Gatehouse, Baldwin, LSDA, Yale, Maxtech, DeGuard, Kenaurd, and more

  • Mortise Lock Replacements - Kwikset, Schlage, LSDA, Yale, Maxtech, DeGuard, Kenaurd, and more

  • Rim Lock Replacements - Kwikset, Schlage, LSDA, Yale, Maxtech, DeGuard, Kenaurd, and more

House Lock Change


Either way, we commit to provide the best solution as well as the cheapest locksmith solution to keep your security on your budget. When you need to change the locks in your house, feel free to drop us a line. You're welcome to ask a question and when you ask us to take the next step for professional residential lock change, we would be happy to stop by for help.

You may know, replacing the locks in your house is something a crucial action to keep your safety. As we think about our customer budget, sometimes it better to rekey the locks instead of replacing the locks.

Apartment Lock Change

replacing an apartment lock can be a little bit tricky. It actually depends if you own your apartment or you rent it. This is because many apartment buildings are operated by a real estate agency. If you own your apartment, then, there is no problem. But if you rent your apartment, you may get the confirmation of your landlord, either it is a real estate agency or a private person, to replace your locks. Yet, our locksmiths can deal either with residential locks or commercial locks in your apartment building.

There are many apartment buildings in Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton. There are many apartment buildings in the Lehigh Valley, we know many of thems. We can take care of your apartment lock too and we promise, you won't be disappointed.

Call us when you want to change the locks of your apartment and we would be there with you within 20-30 minutes. Would you like to schedule an appointment? ~No Problem!~

Bedroom Lock Change

In every house, there are several rooms. Some of the locks need to be operated with keys, others not. It depends what you use your bedroom for, is it useful as a master bedroom or a bedroom for your teenage kid? Is it useful as a storage room?

If you have a lock with a key cylinder on your bedroom door, you need to take the possibility of a bedroom lockout and to keep a spare key somewhere safe. Yet, if you want to change the lock of your bedroom, don't hesitate to call us for help.

We would be happy to help you to replace your bedroom lock whether you need a Doorknob, a Deadbolt, or Rim lock.

Garage Lock Change

Perhaps, your garage have two doors;

1. A door from the garage to your house

2. Above-The-Head garage door

If you have access between your garage to your house, it has to be a residential door with residential locks, a doorknob, and a deadbolt. Regardless of the door between your garage to your house, there is also an "above-the-head" garage door. This door leads from your garage to the outside. In general, all of the garage door locks are either a T-Handle lock or a Rim lock. These locks are usually used in the commercial industry.

We cover all garage door locks, whether you need a Rim lock, T-Handle lock, or residential doorknob and deadbolt. Call us when you need to take care of your garage door lock. We can re-key, repair and replace your garage door lock, hassle-free.

Bathroom Lock Change

Did you know, also your bathroom lock can fail. Don't underestimate a bathroom lock! Although if many of the bathroom locks have no key cylinder, you can have problems with your lock. This is not a matter of security of course, but it can definitely be annoying.

If you get locked out of your bathroom or your lock fails to operate, we can help. Please call us whether you live in Allentown or Easton and whether you live in a house or apartment, don't let your lock to be tricky on you.

\We are ready to come and check your lock and we are ready to repair or replace your lock if necessary. Please call us at (484) 379-8718

Residential Lock&Key Experts

Many times, when customer want to do-it-yourself, he comes into problem and he cannot replace the lock by himself. This is the reason why you need a professional locksmith to help you taking care of your locks. We are an expert in locksmithing so we can handle any lock&key task that comes on your way. In addition, we can take care of other locks in your home to make sure that everything is working fine. If you need a residential lock&key expert, you may call us. 24hr residential lock replacement service.

Fast Local Lock&Key Service in Allentown, PA

We commit for speed, therefore we offer 20-30 minutes response time. It's important to remember, when you deal with a local Lock&Key company in Allentown, you get an outstanding professional and customer service. In addition, when you deal with Allentown Local Locksmith, here we guarantee your satisfaction. Residential lock change done by us is your best way to go to ensure a pleasant and smooth Allentown Locksmith Service. Don't waste your time, call us for estimate or emergency locksmith service, as soon as possible. .

Upgrade The Security of Your Locks

Have you think abouty upgrading the security of your home? This can be a great option to improve the security of your home as well as the safety of your family. We can help you to improve the locks on your doors, A better lock is always keep you better from troubles. A better lock gives you better security. Call us when you need to replace the locks on your doors. Whether you live in a house or apartment, we can help. And whether you need to replace a lock for your front door, bedroom, or garage door, we are ready for your call.