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Emergency Lock Services

Emergency Lock Services

We all think that if we had a lock and security project in our home, we are safe for long years. In some cases, this may be true, but in other cases, a lock can break on you out of nowhere. Yes, this is right, not always there is a sign of the lock when it goes bad. In addition, not just a lock can break, but it also can be worn or the alignment is off.

This is the main reason why we provide emergency lock services. Our Allentown emergency locksmiths serve Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, as well as the nearby areas. No matter where you live in the Lehigh Valley and no matter when you need an emergency lock service, we can help.

We are available 24hr to repair, rekey, or replace your locks. If you need an emergency lock service please call us as soon as possible. Don't waste your time trying fixing the lock yourself, let our experts deal with the issue of your lock.

A brief example of our emergency lock services

Emergency Commercial Lock Services Emergency Residential Lock Services
*Commercial Space Lockout * House/Apartment Lockout
* Repair Lock in Office * Broken House Lock Repair
* Re-keying Lock in a Business * Emergency House Lock Re-keys
* Panic Bar Lock Repair * Keypad Electronic Lock Repair
* Replace Broken Commercial Lock * Broken House Lock Replacement
* Safe Opening * Lock&Mechanism Alignment
* Broken Commercial Key Extraction * Broken House Key Removed


Emergency Lock Repair Service

Usually, when your lock breaks on you, you may need an emergency locksmith service. Most of the time, you can be also locked out of your home or your office. We expertise in repairing locks and security hardware. Our emergency locksmiths aren't hurrying to replace any lock unless it beyond repair.

A broken lock compromises your security, not to mention your safety. Don't live with a faulty lock that hard to lock or unlock. Many times, a quick fix to your lock can extend its life with many more years. If the problem with your lock eventually just started, in most cases we would be able to repair it for you.

Call our lock&key experts in Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton for fast lock repair service. We are ready for any emergency lock repair task whether it is an easy fix or a complete project. Our mobile emergency locksmiths are ready for your call day and night.

Emergency Lock Re-key Services

Sometimes, you may need an emergency lock re-key services. Especially if you're a business owner with high traffic of employees working or leaving their job. In most cases, when an employee quit the job, he doesn't return the key. In addition, you can never know if your employee made a key copy to your office.

If you're house owner, you gave your key to one of your friends, and you break up with him, it also a good reason to re-key the locks of your home in an emergency manner. A key to your house that left in the hands of an angry ex-friend is definitely a good reason to re-key the locks and change that key.

There are many other reasons why you may need an emergency lock re-key services. No matter what is the reason you need us to come right away, we will be there for you in no time.

Emergency Lock Change Service


When a broken lock is beyond repair, there is no other choice but to replace it with a new lock. For this reason, our mobile locksmiths carry a wide inventory of locks in all shapes, styles, and security grade. We can replace a broken lock on the spot, whether for your house or your business.

Call us to describe the problem with your lock, let us know why would you like to replace your lock, and we would furnish the right lock to fit your door. When you need an emergency lock replace service in Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton, you definitely want to deal with a legit and a local locksmith company.

You can rely on our emergency lock services to solve the issue with your lock on the same day we arrive. Whether you need to change a lock on your front door or your back door, this is not a problem for us. We can handle any lock, any door, residential or commercial, we serve them all.

Broken Key Extraction

We all know the feeling when we try to unlock the front door of our home and the key breaks in the cylinder. When this happen, also if you have a spare key, somewhere, you can't unlock your door. You must remove the broken key shank out of the cylinder, first. Call our emergency locksmith to remove a broken key off your lock because we have all the tools that necessary to complete this task. Please don't try to pull the broken key out by yourself because you can push it further in.

My Lock is Hard to Unlock

When you feel that you need to struggle with your lock when you want to unlock or lock it, this is a good time to call a locksmith. In this case, adjustment of the locks with the frame can solve the problem without breaking the lock. Call our expert to align the lock, the door, and the frame, we can do it easilly, no matter what type of door you have. Why to keep sruggling with your deadbolt? Why to keep living with a latch mechanism that doen't latch? Call us now and have a peace of mind that you're secured!

My Key Doesn't Turn The Cylinder

Are you sure this is the right key? Many times when we arrive to repair a broken lock, we find out this is not the correct key. Yet, if this is the correct key, perhaps your lock is broken and you need to repair it. This is when we step in for help. We, most of the times, are able tp repair a broken lock and renew it to work for few more years. Please don't try to force the key on the lock because if the key will break in, this would be a bigger problem. Let us have a look on your lock, we can repair your lock for you!