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House Lock Repair

Residential Locksmith Services

Imagine you came back home late at night, you're trying to unlock the door and you feel the lock cylinder is spinning with no result. You're so tired, you call locksmiths, but no one is available to pick your call. If this is the case, right now, do not panic, we are here to help. Nobody expect for the lock to break, and when it happens, usually, it gets your surprises and clueless for what you can do.

We provide 24/7 emergency lock repair service in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and the entire Lehigh Valley, PA. With this in mind, we repair all residential locks whether you have a doorknob, a deadbolt, or patio door lock.

Our 24/7 emergency residential locksmiths are ready to stop by whenever you need to repair a broken lock in your house. Regardless to the day or the time, we are always open, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When you need a reliable and professional local locksmith in Allentown, we are your best locksmith company to call. As a broken lock is considered an emergency locksmith service, please keep our phone number so you would able to call us in time of needs.

A brief example of our residential lock repair service

  • Doorknob Repair - Most of the time when a doorknob break, it's because the latch breaks because it is old or under a preassure. We can replace your latch and make your doorknob works like a new lock again.

  • Deadbolt Repair - Unlike doorknob, when your deadbolt breaks, there could be two parts that can easily break. The first part is the bolt that goes inside the door frame, the second option is the talepiece of the deadbolt. Call us when you need to repair a deadbolt in your house, we can come and check the problem and fix it, right on the spot.

  • Entry Lever Lock Repair - Same as a doorknob, most of the time if you need to repair an entry lever lock is because the latch broke out of preassure or age.

  • Mortise Lockset Repair - To repair mortise lockset is more complicated than a standard doorknob or deadbolt. Yet, you shouldn't be worrying because we have all the parts or a complete lockset to install on your door in case we are not able to repair your current mortise lockset.

  • Rim Lock Repair - Usually, when you find a rim lock in your house it is a system that called "deadlatch". In this case, either the rim lock or the deadlatch mechanism can break on you.

House Lock Repair


Fast lock repair service is essential for your security. Don't go to sleep if your lock broke in the evening, don't wait for the next day, please call us as soon as possible. A broken lock in your house does not protect you.

We serve the entire Lehigh Valley, PA, and we are always available to come and repair your lock. In addition, it doesn't really matter what type of residential lock you need to repair, we cover all residential locks.

Did you know you can get locked out of your home, if you have a broken lock that need repair?

Don't let a faulty lock to lock you out of your home, you can simply repair your lock prior to house lockout crisis.

Apartment Lock Repair

Repairing a lock of apartment can be a little bit tricky. This is because many aparments have commercial locks instead residential locks. Yet, this is not an issue when you call your Allentown Local Locksmith.

More importantly, dealing with a local locksmith in Allentown can give you a peace of mind that in any case if the problem happens again, you can get a quick emergency lock repair service. When you call us, not only we repair your lock, but we also give you three months guarantee on parts and labor.

Bedroom Lock Repair

Yes, believe it, also if you don't use your bedroom lock too often it can break on you. Unlike your front and back door locks, bedroom locks are very lite duty. This is because a bedroom does not need an extra security features.

When the lock of your bedroom break, we believe this is not an emergency situation unless you have locked your prescription drugs inside the room. Many times, we get call to repair or unlock a bedroom lock when ther customer need his medicine very urgent. So, if you're locked out of your bedroom, right now, we/re waiting for your call.

Garage Lock Repair

Did you know, concerning your above-the-head- garage door lock (T-Lock), if you have a garage door opener, nobody can get in your garage using the T-Lock. In this case, your garage door opener is controlling the door, not the lock.

Another case of needing a garage door lock repair service is when the lock between your garage to your house is break on you. You can find on this door, deadbolt, and either doorknob or entry lever lock. In any case you need to address a problem with your garage door locks, please call us as soon as possible.

Bathroom Lock Repair

It maybe sound weird to you, but once in a while, we get a call to repair a bathroom lock. Like any other lock, bathroom lock can also break and need repair service.

As you can see above, we cover all residential lock, either you need to repair or repalce. Don't hesitate to call your local locksmith when you need residential lock repair service.

24/7 Emergency Lock Repair Specialists

When a lock breaks on your door, you need an emergency lock repair specialist. With this in mind, not just we hire the most talented locksmiths, but we also work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's equally important to remember we offer 3 months guarantee for all parts and labor. You can rely on us to come quickly and repair the issue with your home door lock. Whether you want us to repair your lock or replace your lock, we can help.

Fast Lock Repair Service in Allentown, PA

Yes, we are local to Allentown PA, but we operate out of Lehigh Valley, and cover all cities and towns within minutes. In general, we off 20 minutes of arrival after you have placed your call in our phone system. In some cases, we would arrive within 30 minutes, depend on time od a day, traffic, and didstance. Yet, we guarantee fast arrival, and efficient locksmith service. When you want fast house lock repair service, you should call us.

Don't Live With a Faulty Lock in Your Home

It simple, a faulty lock does not protect you, let a long, broken lock. A faulty lock that doesn't lock properly put your security in jeopardy, a broken lock, even more. Don't waste your time living with fualty locks. Call our lock and key experts to repair each lock that gives you hard time locking and unlocking your home. We are your 24/7 emergency locksmiths in Allentown to call and we are ready for your call day and night.